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With gifting suites in the news more than ever these days, many companies are curious about what a celebrity endorsement can do for their business. The answer is: everything. In today’s rapidly shifting, 24-7 world of social media, it is imperative that businesses get their products and services into the hands of influencers who matter most. It isn’t about just dropping off a swag bag at a celebrity’s office before an awards show and never interacting with them; Celebrity Connected is focused on creating quality relationships that will blossom and benefit both parties.

In a world where many different products are shouting for attention, a celebrity endorsement can immediately provide the cachet that a company needs to ascend to the next level. However, these alliances need to be strategic. The gift suite should be a place where A-listers and brands can get an opportunity to interact on a high level, but it’s often fraught with stress because brands don’t handle it correctly. Celebrities are often asked to pose with products before even knowing anything about them, which can cause some friction.

This is where Celebrity Connected actually succeeds where others drop the ball. By creating a peaceful environment in which celebrities can explore a product and get to know it better, we help brands to forge a personal connection with stars. Videographers and photographers will unobtrusively mill around, effortlessly capturing the high-profile shots that companies crave.

Obviously, when someone feels more knowledgeable about a service—and comfortable with the person who promoted it—they are much more likely to take pictures and promote it to their friends. When celebrities find themselves in a safe, peaceful environment, they are more open and receptive to learning about something new. While many companies focus heavily upon the logistics of getting their product into a gift bag and then making sure everything is ready on time, not many groups have the bandwidth to also concern themselves with the product’s presentation during the gift suite experience.

This is why Celebrity Connected is a step ahead of the game, creating and curating celebrity events that are both productive and memorable. We go the extra mile to ensure that the proper introductions are made in the most elegant way possible. With strategic goals in mind, Celebrity Connected excels at the art of determining which celebrities are currently on the upswing. Our research has shown that audiences enjoy receiving product recommendations from stars that seem to be gaining ground in the current market. Because we stay vigilant about identifying trends and tastemakers, it is easy for us to seek out these people and then make them aware of the brands that have captured our collective imaginations.

In an environment that is making market share increasingly difficult to hold onto, Celebrity Connected knows how to stage events and promotion that win over the hearts and minds of influencers and potential audiences. In a relaxed and open space, celebrities can learn more about new products or services that may benefit them. Of course, Celebrity Connected also allows brands to be included in gift bags without sending reps to attend events. When a brand signs on to have their products included in a gift basket, they exponentially increase their odds of great exposure.

One never knows when a celebrity will take a shine to a product. Even if it’s something that seems small, your company may be surprised by the amount of traction your swag bag items receive. In fact, sometimes the mere act of placing an item in one of our gift bags will make its way into news stories. Within recent years, social media has allowed more and more fans to gain access to celebrity events through virtual means. It is an incredibly exciting time to be in this business. Fans have also become interested in the contents of various gift bags, and swag bags have even been mentioned humorously by award show hosts. For the investment, the amount of visibility that brands can receive is absolutely phenomenal.