Celebrity Endorsement by Celebrity Connected - Emmy's Awards!

Emmy's Awards!

Marketing with the Emmys

The Emmy Awards in September will be one of the most valuable opportunities for celebrity endorsements in the world. The Television Academy hosts the Emmys each year, and many of the most prominent American celebrities will be in attendance.

The Emmys have been held for the past 68 years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The awards often draw people from far and wide in the hopes of meeting a celebrity and possibly even talking with them. A new company called Celebrity Connected provides business owners with a chance to do exactly that.

The 2016 Emmys are one of the largest ever, with 33 different award categories and 193 nominated celebrities. Big names like Jeffrey Tambor, Kevin Spacey, and Kirsten Dunst are going to be there to make the night even more special.

Celebrity Connected helps transform the Emmy Awards from a mere entertainment powerhouse into a perfect solution for business growth and networking. This year, on September 17, Celebrity Connected is hosting an event dubbed 'Honoring the Emmys'. The event will be located in Los Angeles, and it is a sort of gifting suite for business owners trying to extend their brand.

Celebrity Connected guarantees the event will be one to remember, and it will have great potential for elevating visibility in the marketplace. The guest list includes numerous celebrities who plan to attend to speak with journalists and enjoy the fun atmosphere. This environment is the best possible place for a business to showcase their brand.

It is recommended that business owners who attend the event contract the services of Onkes Technologies, a company with a huge amount of experience handling celebrity communications. They can create an appropriate communication strategy for any brand.

Celebrity endorsements are one of the most sought after methods of business promotion, and marketers are starting to see the true benefits first-hand.

When a celebrity uses their social status or wealth to promote or endorse a product, it can be seen as a sort of targeted ad campaign that can be used by just about any public entity. Consumer brands, multinational corporations, and even many non-profit organizations can benefit from celebrity endorsements.

Marketing with this method is one of the most efficient ways a brand can keep their name recognizable and popular in the marketplace. Not only that, but the celebrity tends to receive something beyond his or her compensation for the endorsement. Celebrity endorsements not only boost the credibility of a brand, but it raises the visibility of the celebrity. The connection between the celebrity and a specific brand will create a positive cycle of growth and development.

If a business owner is looking for new and creative ways to reach new levels of success, they should take advantage of the services provided by Celebrity Connected. They provide opportunities for photos and videos to be taken with branded content right alongside the celebrities. Dozens of famous people will pose with the present brands, and those photos will be shared through social media for the followers of all the celebrities to see. A fan of the celebrity sees they promote a new product or service, so that makes the fan want to do the same thing. Celebrity marketing can put millions of new customers within reach of any brand.

Celebrity Connected is focused on three main areas of interest for business owners:
New Demographics - A brand can advertise to entirely new client bases by reaching out to them through celebrities associated with those demographics.
Brand Personification - The characteristics of a celebrity endorser should match the attributes of the brand he or she is endorsing. In this way, that product will automatically be connected with that celebrity in the mind of the consumer. This basically works by having the celebrity lend some of their credibility to the brand.
Building Positive Reputations - The global marketplace is incredibly competitive, but celebrity promotion can translate to huge exposure. With targeted ads that show how much a trusted public figure trusts a specific brand, that brand will experience a massive boost in reputation and credibility in a relatively short period.

Below are a few statistics collected during a study conducted by Harris Interactive that show how Celebrity Connected can be effective as a marketing firm:

In the United States, 45 percent of adults believe celebrities can have a positive effect on what they endorse. That means that nearly half of the country believes endorsements actually help a brand.

Ironically, the same study revealed that 55 percent of all US adults believe it is more likely that a celebrity endorsement might damage the reputation of brands they promote if the reputation of the celebrity becomes marred.

This study was conducted in order to determine if celebrity endorsements have any effect on advertising whatsoever, positive or negative. A similar study conducted by Nielson found that most adults respond better to humor, while a smaller percentage are swayed by celebrities. A third study by the Boston Consulting Group found that celebrity endorsements are one of the less effective ways to build brand loyalty and trust.

Another recent study, conducted by Ask Your Target Market, found that 19 percent of those surveyed would respond positively to a celebrity endorsement from a celebrity they already like. The same study found that 41 percent would not be swayed by a celebrity endorsement, and the remaining 40 percent were undecided. Of those surveyed, nearly half agreed that an endorsement from a celebrity might be able to positively affect a brand.

The study also found that one of the most effective ways a celebrity can endorse a service or product is to actively use it in their daily lives. In fact, 36 percent of people surveyed said that a celebrity actually using the products they promote is the best form of promotion. An additional 31 percent thought it would better for celebrities to simply make advertising appearances. Testimonials were favored by 14 percent of those surveyed, and 10 percent preferred to see products discussed over celebrity social media. The remaining 9 percent find product placement in movies and TV to be the best form of advertising.

The same study also interviewed several celebrities, and of those surveyed, 40 percent said they thought professional athletes were the most effective form of celebrity endorsement. Actors were chosen by 35 percent, and musicians by 16 percent. Reality show stars and online personalities were chosen by 5 percent, and the last 5 percent chose political figures.

Source: Celebrity Connected


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