Honoring the "Oscar®" Academy Awards® Luxury Gifting

​​​​​​In honor of the most hotly anticipated Academy Awards® ceremony in recent years, Celebrity Connected will be hosting the Luxury Gifting Suite on Saturday, February 25. Before these Oscar-nominated® celebs take to the red carpet and the stage of the Dolby Theatre, many of them will partake in the gifting suite festivities taking place at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel the day before the big show.

From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., some of the biggest names in show business will make an appearance at this Los Angeles event. With approximately 100 luminaries attending the Celebrity Connected event, it promises to be an extraordinary happening.

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For sponsors who participate in Honoring Academy Awards® , there will be a whole host of exceptional opportunities available. From highly coveted, A-list exposure—courtesy of media outlets—to the possibility of making connections with prestigious investors, the purpose of Honoring Academy Awards®  is to connect brands with the people that will propel them forward. Celebrity Connected prides itself on putting together a perfect mixture of innovative influencers and brands that can help one another to ascend to the next level in business. Trademarks and branding both comprise a very important part of doing business these days, and Honoring Academy Awards® helps to facilitate the process.

Being nominated for—and especially winning—an Oscar® can transform a celebrity's life and catapult them into the upper echelons of stardom. There is a level of respect connected to the Academy Awards® that is impossible to replicate, which is why Celebrity Connected is targeting these high-value personalities to assist with bringing the right kind of recognition to certain brands.


This in-person event offers four packages for brands that are selected to participate. This year's Luxury Gifting Suite promises to be one of the biggest, most exclusive gatherings that Celebrity Connected has ever put together. Brands can arrange up to 10 passes, and they will receive the exclusive rights for all captured media. Those purchasing the Platinum package will have access to three models to help spread the word about a company's goods or services. These experienced brand ambassadors know how to attract the attention of celebrities attending the event, as well as how to inform them about all of the unique benefits each product provides. The Gold package designates one model to assist with a brand's booth.


In an age where people are increasingly tuning out the advertisements they see through social media and other traditional avenues, providing person-to-person contact can give businesses the lift that they need to get to the next level. When someone is nominated for an Oscar®, they attain a special kind of status in society; Celebrity Connected allows companies to gain access to these people, who often attract legions of loyal fans who pay a great deal of attention to the brands that they wear and consume. With the entire world watching the Oscar® ceremony, the luxury brands who choose to participate in this exquisite event may be surprised by just how many benefits they can reap down the line. In the world of celebrity events, it's easy to see why this specific gathering attracts such a high-profile roster of entertainers.​​​

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